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Med PGA Advanced Golf Professional Mark Davies. Et treningsprogram over 5 måneder. Oppstart 1.november. Les mer om programmet og meld deg på!


I’d like to take you on a journey, your journey to golfing greatness.

Ever since childhood, golf for me has been my sanctuary. The range is the place I go to be free, to be at one with myself, my thoughts, and to feel fully present. That sense of meditation, being at one with the swing has made me better not just at golf, but at life. When things get challenging, I can find that stillness, that calm. There’s a purity in that. The coordination of mind and body to create that one perfect swing, sending that ball sailing way out in the distance and against all odds, finding its target amid the green.

I want you to experience what a gift golf can be in your life, what this discipline can bring to your mindset, coordination and ability to manage stress and sharpen your focus. My 36 years of obsession with this sport coupled with decades of coaching professional athletes such as Olympic Golfer Espen Kofstad, has placed me in a unique position to help you achieve that perfect swing, in any condition, on any course, over and over again.

I am so excited to share with you my all new MENTORSHIP PROGRAM launching on November 1st. It will run for a 5 month period and is a deep-dive, VIP container for those of you who want to rapidly excel at the game, develop formidable STRENGTH and SPEED, who want to own the course and become exceptional in 2022. I am condensing all the key lessons I’ve learnt over my 36 career into these fully-packed 5 months. 

During the 25 week program you will have 15 x 60 minute 1-2-1 with me, plus 10 x 60 minute group class with myself and up to 9 other students as we progress together. We will discuss the possibilities of improvement and give you the tools you need to explore the endless possibilities you have to learn so that you develop the technique you have  always wanted.

- Learning how to develop the golf swing you have always wanted 
- Developing your own feel for straight golf shots
- How to develop a strong wedge game 
- Learning how to hit shaped golf shots
- How to practice correctly and implement changes to your swing. 
- Perhaps most exciting will be you gaining an extra 15 - 20 meters with your driver through consistent, strength and speed exercises.

If you truly want to master the game, if you would like to experience the freedom, the meditation, the feeling of being one with the moment, and have the perfect swing, this is for you.

If you are serious about your game and want to get good quickly, I am going to give you an unparalleled level of personal tuition. My intention here is to distill nearly 4 decades of being a coach to national champions as well as a golf professional myself, into 5 months for you, so you can accelerate your results and rapidly improve your game. 

I have 25 places for this mentorship program and once they are full the container will be closed. 

I invite you to join this personal journey of a lifetime and I look to being there at your side as you achieve your perfect swing, for life.

What past clients are saying:
Without him I never would have been able to win the Challenge Tour and qualify for the European Tour...

Mark was my coach when I got back from college in the US, and without him I never would have been able to win the Challenge Tour and qualify for the European Tour in 2012.  Every practice session was preparation to play golf, and it gave me a great amount of confidence that I was able to hit great shots when I had to.

Every tough shot I've had to hit in a tournament, I have faced in practice, which made it a lot easier to have an edge over the opposition on the last nine holes of a tournament.

- Espen Kofstad, European Tour Player, Olympian -Rio 2016 



- A detailed plan on how you will approach the winter months of improvement and practice
- 15 x 60 minute 1-2-1 with me on Trackman 4 Simulator
- 10 x 60 minute Group Session along with 8 others
- Private Facebook Group 
- Unlimited SMS access to me within reason, including Video analyses

I believe I can create a different experience for how you will develop your own Golf Game
I have the skillset as a coach to take this for you wherever we have to go.

STRENGTH: Speed, Physical, Technical, Tactical & Mental


Trackman will also be used in all sessions to track your progress.
Mach Speed 3 Strength & Speed Training in All lessons and Group sessions.


19:00-20:00 / 20:00-21:00 / 21:00-22:00


November 10 - 17 - 24
December 1 - 8
January 12 - 19 - 26
Feb 2 - 23

All group sessions themed for Technique, Driver, Irons, Wedges & Strength & Speed.
(Full agenda sent out on sign up)

Included in the 5 month Program is unlimited access to me within reason to SMS service and video analyses.


22 500 NOK

Mark Davies / 454 13 950


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